Alpin invests in relationships to understand situations, implement change and create long term value.

Alpin was formed in 2012 by Iain Morris and Peter Seligman to leverage our team's blue chip experience, facilitating situational change in small to medium enterprises with aspiration to thrive. We see huge potential in this sector, which can be realised with the right mix of leadership, energy, capability and willingness to have a go.

Alpin is always open to looking for new and exciting investments. We enjoy working with inherently good businesses that require some combination of strategic focus, succession support, growth capital, performance improvement, situational investment or advice. 

Ultimately we are active investors who value building relationships with owners, leaders and teams aspiring to reach new heights and try something new.

our investments


Duncan Solutions

Duncan Solutions offers integrated parking and smart city technology solutions using its proprietary Parking Enterprise Management System. The solution suite includes meters, sensors, guidance, payment and enforcement software.

“Alpin saw the potential for Duncan Solutions from the outset. They managed to negotiate a great outcome through the transaction by understanding the motivations of all parties and creating a high level of trust.” - Trent Loebel, CEO, Duncan Solutions.

SRO Technology.jpg

SRO Technology

"Alpin are fantastic shareholders of SRO Technology. They have worked actively with the business so they understand the operational challenges and help us focus on the things that will make us an even better company. Their willingness to invest time and money in expanding the business has helped us become a leading Australian industrial instrumentation business." - Andrew Clarke, CEO, SRO Technology.

CIT TEch.jpg

CIC Technology

CIC is a provider of smart security cabinets and software to manage access to portable valuable assets, primarily keys. It has since been consolidated with Duncan, to form Duncan Technologies.

"Prior to Alpin, CIC was a family business struggling to reach potential in scale and global coverage of its products. Now the business has the structure and discipline to focus on increasing sales and achieve growth." - Lucas Edmonds, Sales Manager, CIC Technology.


CIT Holidays

“We bought CIT Holidays when it needed significant changes to thrive in the new world. I have been in the travel industry for over 40 years so when looking for a co-shareholder for CIT Holidays, I needed people who understood complex transactions and could make significant cultural and technology improvements. Alpin have been fantastic partners and we are building a great platform to change the wholesale and retail travel industry." - Peter Newsom, Managing Director, CIT Holidays.